Get Fitted for Dentures in Lone Tree, CO

Older woman getting dentures

There is no need to feel uncomfortable in your dentures. If they are causing you pain, it’s time to replace them. Over time, your mouth will naturally change and may alter the way that your dentures fit.

On average, dentures are replaced every three to eight years. This time frame can change based on your individual needs. If you believe you are in need of denture repair or replacement, speak to your dentist.

Do You Need Dentures?

If you are missing teeth, dentures are a flexible solution to help you confidently regain your smile. Dentures are safe, affordable, and much less involved than some more permanent cosmetic treatments, such as bridges or implants. They’re a great option for those missing many teeth.

Partial DenturesPartial Denture

If you aren’t missing all of your natural teeth, partial dentures can help fill in the spaces in your smile. Partial dentures are replacement teeth secured to a base and supported by the remaining teeth and gums.

Complete DenturesComplete Denture

Complete dentures replace all of the teeth on the upper jaw and/or lower jaw. They rely on suction to stay in place, and as a result require routine visits to the dentist to ensure the best fit.

Schedule an Appointment Lone Tree Dentures

We have a variety of dental specialists on our staff so that you can receive the best oral care in addition to our denture services. If you’re interested in getting fitted for dentures to replace your missing teeth, be sure to contact Metropolitan Dental Care today. You can reach us at 720-923-2877 or fill out our online appointment request form.